Well loved by locals, El Sizzling Lomito captures the essence of the Argentine fare and takes pride in delivering seasonal, sustainable, innovative Argentinian cuisine with only the best local ingredients.

corrabutchery1 300x300The specialty here is the Lomito, a generous slab of perfectly cooked steak with chimichurri on bread. This sandwich is packed with great flavors and textures that combines the barbecue smoke’s perfume with naturally organic ingredients.
 Melted provolone cheese, caramelized onions, grilled capsicum and herbed mayonnaise are just some of the ingredients you can find in these simple but yet delicious sandwiches that will satisfy the inner carnivore in all of us. Also, for those with a larger appetite, our extraordinary T-bone - 450 gr of grilled meat, our own dry-aged, quality, tender and juicy steak - is sure to satisfy.

Part of the attraction is watching how the food is grilled in front of your eyes and the tempting aroma of the slow cooked meats and a laid back atmosphere completely seals the deal.

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As we are passionate about providing real, wholesome food, our new addition to our family is El Sizzling Butchery. This facility, also located at 309 Karangahape Road, not only provides the best meat for our restaurants but also caters to the home cook aficionado with a wide selection of products, including specialties like grass-fed beef and pork and prime lamb.

So whether you’re looking for a great meal or the perfect cut of meat to take home, we’ve got an option for you!

Thursday – Saturday: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm